Full- Automatic sharpening machine
YS-M100 Full- Automatic sharpening machine YS-M100 Full- Automatic sharpening machine YS-M100 Full- Automatic sharpening machine

YS-M100 Full- Automatic sharpening machine

The sharpening machine uses Yisong core technology, the CNC specialized for circular knife of shoe last, controller, software all developed by Yisong, stability and durability. Servo-motor,driver all use general accessories, convenient for using and maintenance in global, it can technology upgrade according to customer’s demand.
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1.The sharpening machine uses Yisong core technology, the CNC specialized for circular knife of shoe last,                   controller, software all developed by Yisong, stability and durability. Servo-motor,driver all use general accessories,        

     2. Patented cutter holder, accurately positioning; auto-sharpening any amount of knives which be set by the system in one         time (such as:18), real-Auto process.

     3.The sharpening machine uses special sharpening motor, special high-accuracy liner and screw. Position accuracy and          repeat position accuracy can be to 0.005mm; Using servo-motor , better compensate for grinding wheel wear.

     4. Numerical control adjustment:

  • The full-Automatic intellectual system can accurately set and adjust the blade depth of the sharpener, angle of the sharpening, sharpness and amount of feed.

  • The machine can set any number of circular knife.

  • The operation software can set into multi-languages versions.

   5. Safety protection: 

  • The full-Automatic intellectual system in strict combines the American and European safety standard of protection design.

  • The protection door and safety device ensure the safety of operators.

  • During processing, the machine can monitoring the real-time automatically grab condition of the cutter, avoiding to the leaking grasp, grasping weak and non homing abnormalities.

  • The spindle motor has the function for the brake, when meeting power cuts, the centre axis will not fall off and crash.

  • Working in a fully closed situation, the cutting fluid will not spilling out,can keep the machine clean and achieve the effect of environmental protection . 




砂轮转速:1500~3000 r/min

电机转速:90 r/min





制动: 气动


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